About Us

About us

This site showcases Android Apps designed by Android In London
to help the lives of Autistic people.

The latest app is TalkinPictures and it's a big improvement to the previous apps which is a great indication for the future. It is actively being developed and is a popular download.

Unlike the previous two apps, it has in app purchases and does generate a small revenue which is being reinvested to produce an even better product. The donation model of the previous apps was unfortunately untenable and there was simply no income to support further development. Many, many thanks to ARASAAC  for supplying images, language files and for offering support and testing. Their work has helped me produce a much better product and saved me months of work.

Development started 16 April 2011. TalkinPictures released January 2014.

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Current Live Apps


TalkinPictures is our latest Autism Communication app for Android. It uses pictures to navigate and build a sentence which is then spoken and displayed on the screen.Download it here for Android phones and tablets!


iToucan Talk(Autism) is now available as a free, although outdated download for Android phones and tablets! It is a Beta version, so be nice with the comments. There will be an update to this later in 2014.

iToucanTalk Beta

iToucan Talk(Autism) is the older, more stable version of the app, but outdated. You can download it here for Android phones and tablets!


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