About Us

About us

This site is the portal for the Android In London applications designed to help the lives of Autistic people. The intention is that all the applications will be free, not because I have huge resources and don't need it - I haven't & I do - but because every resource for Autism seems to have a price tag and that just seems wrong to me.  Work is currently under way on GCA - Graphical Communication for Autism. A phone/tablet application to support communication were speech is restricted. Many, many thanks to ARASAAC  for supplying images, language files and for offering support and testing. Their work has helped me produce a much better product and saved me months of work. Development started 16 April 2011.

Current Live Apps


TalkinPictures is our latest Autism Communication app for Android. It uses pictures to navigate and build a sentence which is then spoken and displayed on the screen.


iToucan Talk(Autism) is now available as a free download for Android phones and tablets! It is a Beta version, so be nice with the comments. There will be an update to this later in 2014.

iToucanTalk Beta

iToucan Talk(Autism) is the older, more stable version of the app. You can download it here for Android phones and tablets!


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