iToucan Talk

Now available in two versions:
Alpha - The cutting edge version, with the newest fixes
Beta - The last stable Version as tested by Alpha group

iToucan Talk Alpha iToucan Talk Beta

An Autism App for Tablets

iToucan Talk was designed from the beginning to work on Tablets. Thanks to the generous support of Google, who loaned a Xoom Tablet to help with development.

Android tablets have the advantage of coming in various sizes and can be inexpensive, an important factor for any family having to deal with the expenses of looking after someone with Autism.


An Autism App for Phones

iToucan Talk also is configured to work on Phones, allowing a very portable means of communication.


Android In London

This site is the portal for the Android In London applications designed to help the lives of Autistic people. The intention is that all the applications will be free, not because I have huge resources and don't need it - I haven't & I do - but because every resource for Autism seems to have a price tag and that just seems wrong to me.

iToucan Talk is the first Autism App we've produced and with your donations, it won't be the last!



Many, many thanks to ARASAAC  for supplying images, language files and for offering support and testing. Their work has helped me produce a much better product and saved me months of work.